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Counseling Services

All appointments are Telehealth therapy sessions that are offered throughout the state of Texas.


Self-pay (no insurance)

- $150 Initial Intake Session (55 Min)

- $125 Individual Session (50 Min)

- $150 Couples Session (50 Min)

In-Network Insurances

Accepting Cigna (Evernorth), Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, United Healthcare (Optum), Tricare East (Humana Military), & Medicare, in addition to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Authorized Visits.

EAP Authorized Visits under in-network insurance - Contact your employer as you may be approved for an allotted amount of visits per calendar year at the expense of your employer.  Information needed to utilize your benefits are authorization number, effective & expired dates, & number of approved visits.

Rates are dependent upon your individual insurance policies, which may be a deductible or copay.  It is imperative upon booking your appointment that we have your insurance information to verify prior to your first visit to avoid self-pay rate, which is not covered by your insurance.


Please be advised before you file for leave of absence, you must have a minimum of 5 sessions to assess medical necessity.  Some insurances require a referral from a MD physician before treatment or leave is initiated.  Please check with your  insurance policy for more information.  Additional assessments, forms, summary reports, and documentation will be processed at client expense that is not covered by your insurance upon client request.

Premarital/Couples/Marriage Counseling

Prepare/Enrich Certified Facilitator to give couples assessments for $70 per couple upon client request.  This is not covered by your session fee or insurance.

Why do an assessment?

- Tailor-made couples assessment to help inform content areas to address in therapy

- Evidence-based practice that have found divorce rates reduced by 30%

- Helps to develop realistic relationship goals, expectations, and identify strengths for relationship satisfaction and longevity

- Promotes honest and personalized dialogue about your relationship

- Helps couples learn important skills in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, financial management, stress management, and much more.

Form of Payment

All payments are processed at the time of service by credit card.  No other form of payment is accepted.

No-show/Late Cancellation Policy

If you miss your session or do not cancel 24-hours in advance of your appointment time, you are subject to the flat fee of $75.  This is not covered by your insurance.

Consulting Services

Contract rates are dependent upon service provided.  Please contact to schedule a consultation for your needs.


  • Program Design/Evaluation - If you are looking to develop a wellness or educational program, we have you covered! We are able to develop your desired program, projects, or advocacy work by providing the groundwork and structure to implement in your organization across various industries to help improve performance, solve problems, and achieve your goals. 

  • Business Infrastructure - Starting a business or organizing one to run more efficiently can be difficult. We analyze a company's operations, processes, and strategies to identify areas for improvement or optimization. We offer recommendations and employee training for enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, increasing revenue, implementing new technologies, or entering new markets. Some evaluations may consider management, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and employee retention. The ultimate goal is to assist clients in making informed decisions that drive success and competitive advantage in today's dynamic business environment.

  • Speaking Engagements - Looking for a keynote speaker, educational workshops, or retreat leads? Your consultant can develop and share insights, knowledge, and experiences in respective fields. The purpose of speaking engagements varies and can include educating, inspiring, motivating, entertaining, or influencing the audience. We can tailor your message to your target audience, engage with participants, and deliver content in a compelling and memorable manner. Speaking engagements provide opportunities for networking, building credibility, and raising awareness about particular subjects or issues. Some speaking engagements are, but not limited to:

-Support group



-Employee Training


-Team building

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